Wedding Reception Themes

When it comes to choosing a theme for your wedding reception, it will be even more special if you take care to include elements of both yours and your partner's personality. Even the most romantic idea can fall flat if it isn't tailored to your own experience.

Always tie in personal anecdotes and photographs to make the theme understood to the guests. They'll enjoy getting to know you both even better, and they'll feel that they're sharing in your special day in a very unique way.

Wedding Reception Themes

Our suggestions for you when it comes to a wedding reception theme come down to two categories. And here they are:

A Shared Passion

One of the easiest ways to choose a theme for your wedding and/or wedding reception is to simply choose a shared passion between you and your husband-to-be or bride-to-be. Maybe you once visited a botanical garden when you were dating and a butterfly landed on your shoulder, and butterflies have since become a symbol of your love. Maybe you took a tropical vacation together, and the ocean has become that reminder of your flowing passion for each other. Those types of items can be woven throughout your wedding for constant reminders of the connection that you share.

Or perhaps you want to include something even more overarching than those things, such as your career path or your ultimate goals in life. If you share a career, you could celebrate that. Writers could hold their wedding in a historic library. Musicians could hold theirs at a favorite live music venue, or incorporate music notes and decorative instruments into the day. You get the idea. The possibilities are endless!

A Sensory Experience

One of our favorite ideas is to make a sensory experience the theme of your wedding. This could be something that you two both love to eat, like chocolate or caviar. It could be a certain fragrance or scent, like roses or a special incense. It may be a type of material, like silk or satin, incorporating those types of tablecloths and synthetic flowers to create a decor scheme that both feels and looks amazing.

Maybe a certain type of music is the ultimate sensory enjoyment for you two, and you'd like to include that in a big way in the celebration. Instead of all the traditional wedding music and overused top 40 hits, why not hire an experienced band to play your special songs all night long?

No matter what theme you choose, just remember:
Make it personal, unique, and memorable!

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